Weekend Hike April

Date: 17 – 19 April

Venue: Blue Wildebeest, Badplaas

Base camp

Website: https://www.ecotrail.co.za/trails/blue-wildebeest

Cost for the weekend: Members – R370 pp  /   Non-Members: R420

Bill has provisionally booked for 10 people and must know ASAP who will be interested in going: 082 576 8198 or zachiusm@tdw.co.za

It is a two day base camp trail. You spend both nights at the thatched house where you park your vehicle.

Day 1: 9km (easy to average)
Day 2: 6km (average to difficult)

This stunning and spectacular trail passes through pristine grassland, up unspoilt ridges, down gorges, past beautiful streams, waterfalls, natural rock pools for swimming, awesome rock formations and ancient ruins. Any hiker and nature lovers dream!