Snare Search

In the conservancy where Engedi is situated (where we are holding our year-end weekend), they have a problem with poaching. Every month they organize a snare search called “1 snare, 1 life”. Here are the details we have received, should you wish to become involved.

They take place once a month on the second Sunday of the month, except the October one will be 20 Oct. We meet at different places in the Oori, and our events are advertised on our Facebook page #1snare1life.

Generally we meet at eight at the designated place and split into a few groups who then each cover a different area finding and removing snares.

* What should I bring? Sunblock, hat, water, sturdy shoes, preferably wear long pants (as the grass makes you quite itchy), cellphone, wire cutters or pliers, cash, picnic blankets, tick repellent if you can (this can be bought from Cape Union Mart or Outdoor Warehouse).

* Will food and drinks be available?  Unfortunately, no food and drinks will be available, so please ensure you carry enough for the duration of the walk.

* Is the event kid friendly?  A separate walk for kids between the age of 1 and 10 (and their parents) will be arranged in a less rocky, more open area on the day that will set off at the same time.  Children over 10 will be able to accompany adults on normal walks.

* Will there be secure parking?  The reserve is access controlled.

* How else can I help?  There will be an opportunity to make a cash donation on the day for which you will receive a sticker in recognition of your generosity. All proceeds will go towards the continued conservation of the reserve in our fight against poaching.

For more information contact: Fransa Cole <>