SAN Parks Honorary Rangers Kruger Rustic Bush Camp – Nyarhi

We have been given the opportunity to participate in one of the Honorary Rangers Kruger bush Camps. There are two dates available:

29 August – 1 September  OR  26 – 29 September

The cost per camp is R 24 400.00 for a group of eight  or R 3 050.00 per person

This is a relaxed weekend spending time on foot in the heart of the bush. The base is away from public camps and other people –  in an unfenced area of the bush! The aim is not to walk too far, merely to become part of the bush and enjoy the surroundings. Two guides will be looking after you in the bush, with another guide who will be joining you in camp. NYARHI CAMP Guests spend three nights camping at this rustic camp situated close to the Shongololo Loop about 15km from Mopani Rest Camp and close to Frasers Rest waterhole. The only “facilities” are two enviro loos (“longdrop”) and two shower enclosures equipped with ropes to hoist up your own shower bag/ bucket. A cement slab for the evening fire and braai grids are also available. There will be an armed guide in camp at all times.

Please contact Bill if you are interested: 082 576 8198 or or