Please read the following carefully – remember to resize your photos and submit them to Marc Leroy by 8 NOVEMBER. His email address is

The judging will take place at Club Night on Tuesday 24 November. 

There will be a fee of R20 per category to enter (payable on 24 Nov) and you may only submit 3 photos per category. For example if you enter all 5 categories, you may submit a maximum of 15 photos and it will cost you R100 to enter.

The categories are as follows and kindly note that NO photo-shopping is permitted but you are allowed to crop.  1. Landscape  – photos taken on Club hikes only.  Due to covid-19 conditions, they can be from previous years but not ones that you have submitted in the past.2. Flora – open category but taken during this year.3. Fauna – open category but taken during this year and no domestic pets.4. Emotion/Humour (humour, tiredness, elation, achievement, sore feet etc)  – open category but taken during this year.5. Abstract – open category but taken during this year.
Please stick to the following when submitting your entries:
1. Resize your photos to the international standard of 1024 x 768 px
2. You must send them in jpeg format, i.e. file ending in .jpg
3. If you are submitting photos for the landscape category then you must please name the photo as follows: ld_title_your initials & surname.jpg (for example, if I were submitting a sunset scene, I would name the photo: ld_beautiful sunset_s.head.jpg 4. For Flora category, you must use the following fl_title_initials & surname.jpg
5. For Fauna photos, you must use fa_title_initials & surname.jpg
6. For the Emotion/humour category, you must use the following em_title_initials & surname.jpg
7. For Abstract photos you must use ab_title_initials & surname.jpg

There will be lst, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each category and prizes will be vouchers towards a future club hike/event. START SORTING OUT YOUR PHOTOS NOW!