Photographic Competition Information

As most of you know, this is held annually and judged at our Club Night in November. Please start sorting out your photos now.To give you advance notice, the categories for this year are listed below. Please note that we now have TWO open categories for those who do not hike regularly. Except for the open categories, all photos have to have been taken on a Club hike or event over the last year. Photos for the open categories can be taken anywhere but also within the last year.

  1. Landscape  (must have been taken on a Club hike/function)
  2. Emotion(must have been taken on a Club hike/function). This is a new category which replaces people/humour. Humour is an emotion as is tired, elation, achievement, sore feet etc.
  3. Flora & Fauna  (open category)
  4. Abstract – this is an open category.It was introduced last year and proved popular. According to our judge, if you look at a photo and think ‘What is it?’, then it is abstract. Here are some examples:  a rock or part thereof, lichen on a tree, rust on the door of a hiking hut, patterns in mud, etc. The possibilities are endless.