I can so highly recommend this hike – we had an absolutely amazing time – and all my arrangements and hard work paid off 

I will just do a general report back and not go into daily detail. We have discussed this quite a bit among ourselves and we do feel there are a few recommendations 

The camps are all superb and each one is unique. We just felt that a plan for a table to eat at, at Durstenbrook would be great – there is a table on the inside of the enclosure – but no chairs for one to sit on. As well as at Otjiseva camp. We do realise this is a wilderness hike to a large extent – and were so very grateful for the flushing loo’s and donkey showers at each camp. I would like to commend each and every farmer on the cleanliness and neatness of the camps – we were pleasantly surprised 

We opted for the slack packing – and can highly recommend this – the days are long and one is quite tired at the end of the day – the farmers each bring you your food for the evening – raw and unprepared – but we made this a fun thing and thoroughly enjoyed the cooking experiences 

We realise that as a result of the rain there had been a lot of growth of the bushes and grasses – and this needs to be addressed – specifically on day 4 and 5 – we spent a lot of time looking for markers that were hidden by the tall grass and got very badly scratched by the thorn bushes having grown over the trail 

The trail is very well laid out – but the distances are all off – and are recorded as much shorter than what they in actual fact are 

This is also very much a birders paradise – we have never seen so many different specie of birds 

I managed to get some lovely photo’s as well – there were amazing opportunities for photography 

A truly not to be missed hike