DAY HIKE – October

Date: Sunday 11 October 2020

Venue: Mount Usambara to the Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden

Time: 08:00 sharp at the Botanical Garden or 8.15 opposite Mount Usambara

Cost: No charge for hike but you will have to pay entrance to the Botanical Garden if you stay for a picnic afterwards
The hike will start at 08.30 from the ridge opposite Mount Usambara, which is on the top of the Krugersdorp Hill (R28). If possible, get someone to drop you off there. Alternatively, park at the Botanical Garden and then Rudi & Mark will transport you to the start. You will need to let us know if you wish to be transported so please email or WhatsApp Mark on  /   082 301 1235.   
We will hike along the ridge, join up with the Geological Trail and end up in the Botanical Garden where those who wish to stay can have a picnic. No braais are permitted.